Why choose Cloud Edits

1Saves money

Our keen pricing enables you to produce more content on tighter budgets

2Saves hassle

No need to leave your office, view comment on and approve the video online

3No minimum booking

Dip in and use our service whenever you need it – you only pay for how long the edit takes


All our editors are highly experienced, are natural storytellers, and are used to working to the most demanding of deadlines


We’re an amiable bunch of people who are great to work with

6Location independent

Work with your favourite editor, regardless of where you are based


We will help you meet the demands of multi-platform content

8Fast turnaround

We can deliver overnight edits

9Any format

You can upload from, and receive, your finished video in almost any format

Cloud Editing is online video editing. It’s a new and exciting way of working. It’s the future of video editing.

Find out more by calling us on 44 781 629 7590 or by sending us an email.