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The Cloud Edits team continues to grow

This online post production company are very pleased to be expanding their service, with 7 brilliant editors joining the team. As always, the latest talent to join the crew have been carefully selected for their skill, ability to work independently and for simply being really nice people. There is a strong focus on news editing, Read more >>

“If you don’t get into the Cloud or learn it you will not survive”

Having declared back in January “If you look back at history we had three disruptive technologies; the steam engine, electricity and then computers. The fourth disruptive power will be the Cloud. If you don’t get into the Cloud or learn it you will not survive.” Elie Abou Atme, of Equinix Read more >>

Don’t Be a Massive Morlock – Catch Some Rays

The last rays of the Indian Summer in the UK today means that every editor should roll up their trouser legs, take their edit cardies off and soak up some precious vitamin D. The days will soon start getting shorter and editors will only emerge from their dark dens into Read more >>