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The Cloud Edits team continues to grow

This online post production company are very pleased to be expanding their service,

with 7 brilliant editors joining the team.

As always, the latest talent to join the crew have been carefully selected for their skill, ability to work independently and for simply being really nice people.

There is a strong focus on news editing,

with Lorraine, Robert, Rachel, Gavin, Eva and Maria all sporting vast experience in this area amongst other talents. Alethea has also added to the huge range of experience, with wildlife, children’s programming and archive shows being just some of the genres covered.

The additions to the team means that Cloud Edits now has editors who are fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan, Greek and French and have a smattering of German, Italian and Arabic. There are more editors waiting to join the team. Not only that, there are also have 2 motion graphics designers, dubbing mixers and graders waiting in the wings. Keep an eye on the website to find out how

Cloud Edits will offer the whole post-production experience.

Visit the team page to discover more about the exciting new additions to the crew.

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