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BVE Highlights

This time last week we were opening the cloud edits stand for the last day of BVE. I had spoken about the future of storytelling on an avid panel (read more here) and I’d been sprayed with the scent of hack the planet.

BVE was lots of fun, we caught up with old friends and made lots of new ones.  The expanded cloud edits team came down to say hello.

Such a talented bunch who are now part of the crew and available to so many video content producers.

This was our first serious bit of company marketing and it seems that many people have been waiting for this kind of service for a while.  We are really pleased to be offering an easy post-production solution for them.

We were super busy for the whole 3 days, but I managed to leave the stall in capable hands to catch the inspiring FBI (Females in the Broadcast Industry) talk.  The “How to Pitch for Brands” panel was particularly lively and informative with some very practical advice.

How to keep production values high on tight budgets was key

as well as being honest about costs in pitches.  We have to earn a living right?  My favourite tip come from Edward McCaffrey from Joose TV – invite them out for beer or lunch.

I heard from visitors to the stall that Philip Bloom‘s talk on keeping production values high whilst shooting on a budget was characteristically engaging.  Whilst I was very pleased that we were so busy, I was quite sorry to miss the “Hack the Planet” demo, which I heard was amazing.  Thank you Melissa for fighting back security at the end of the Expo to bring me my own Hack the Planet cardboard kit. I did manage to catch up with James Marks in the VIP area at the end of the show, who generously sprayed me with the scent of Hack the Planet.  Not a territory marking thing, but part of the whole sensory experience.


BVE was inspiring 3 years ago when I was looking for solutions for Cloud Edits and the event has done it again. Watch this space for some exciting new developments.

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